Make Friends with Your Writer's Block: A Heart Opening Workshop with Maia Akiva 2


Make Friends with Your Writer's Block: A Heart Opening Course with Maia Akiva 

Join emotinal coach for writers, Maia Akiva, for this two-part Online Course

Part 1: April 21st, 2019 – 11:00am-1:00pm PST

Part 2: May 5th, 2019 – 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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Discover what is stopping you from living your Creative Dreams

Your Beliefs

What feelings/beliefs you have about yourself that prevent you from creating

Your Voices

How to gain clarity about what that voice in your head is really telling you  


How to tackle the lies you tell yourself and how to talk to yourself, in order to move forward

Your Negativity

How to work through your Negative Thinking, Self Doubt, Procrastination, Comparison, and Resentment

Meet Your Host

Maia Akiva

Maia Akiva is a Motivational Speaker / Entertainer / Facilitator, a reality bender, and an emotional researcher. She dips into every flavor of human behavior and self-discovery using her imagination and her heart. Maia’s creative work and her desire to help people take a look at themselves comefrom her own experience. After turning her back on herself for many years, suffering from depression and self-negativity she finally decided to start a new relationship with herself and turned her life around, living a life full of Joy and positivity. For more info, check out  



First Session: Changing You From the Inside Out

April 21st, 2019 – 11:00am-1:00pm PST

Second Session: Your New Creative Life

May 5th, 2019 – 11:00am-1:00pm PST

 Here's what people are saying...

"I took a couple of your workshops in the past, including the "writer's block" Course. I had a very difficult time with it in class, but when I got home that night, the dialogue kept pouring out on paper. As a result, I came to face a lot of life issues/fears and I started to understand myself. I then took some baby steps to accomplish tiny goals - I wanted to thank you for your much-needed insights and inspiration. Your writer's block Course really helped me in many more ways than I expected." 

~Skye Kang, writer

"I started working with Maia to get clarity about my career and what do I want to do next in my profession. Maia's coaching and guidance was everything I needed and more. Maia helped navigate through the vast information and decision making that was in front of me. She helped me get clear about what I want instead of what I should do and helped me navigate through my fears and lies to myself. And to find practical options for me to move forward in my career. I feel ready and willing for the next step of my professional life." 

~Talia G

"Oh my goodness, Maia, how can I say thank you enough? You're amazing! You got me to tap into some major uncharted territory and now I get to have a whole new experience with myself. By the way, the morning after the Course, I woke up and naturally felt like playing piano before heading out to work. That never happens!" 

~Bernice Novela, writer

"I attended Maia's "Make Friends with Your Writer's Block" Course. I had a great time and walked away with a technique that I will no doubt use frequently in my writer's journey. Thankfully, her facilitation opened up aspects to my writing process that had been dogging me for some time. I just couldn't wrap my brain or heart around what was happening. As a result of the Course, I've been able to create a writing plan, stick to it and get out of my own way. Thank you Maia!"

~Kristen Arnebergin, healer and writer

"Thank you so much for your generous, patient and kind heart yesterday. You were able to so gently uncover blocks I thought I had already smashed…Welp. I struggle with permission to express how I feel and draw my boundaries, and those are really a detriment to my life and work. You created such an incredible safe space that creatively drew out deep layers of murk. I felt exposed in a really exciting way. I felt vulnerable and that allowed for compassion. I have no doubt that this work will change how I approach my art, but more importantly, your Course has given me a taste and tools to live more openly and bravely. So much gratitude!!"

~Nancy, writer and actress

"Maia's Course was not what I expected it was so much more, it wasn't just a workshop of handouts of "how to get rid of writers block" but to go within to identify what emotions, beliefs, fears, etc you're holding onto that are causing the block(s). the Course is worth so much more than the fee & best 2 hours of learning I've had in a long time!" ~Marsena Abella @awomansavenue

"Maia, you gave me a lot to think about and I tend to have ripples of effect for weeks in my personal learning process. I appreciate your attentiveness and focus and especially your commitment to supporting my own answers from within. I can take the information you gave me and use it to improve my work as well as nourish my inner critic. I recommend sessions and courses with you to anyone that would like to shift from where they are to where they want to be."

~Sherri Delaplane

"Maia Akiva's "Make Friends with your Creative Blocks" Course was a watershed moment for me creatively and a literal turning point in my consciousness. Not only did I learn what was holding me back creatively, but I also uncovered lifelong mechanisms at work in my psyche of which I was completely unaware. In just a little over two hours, Maia was able to help me deconstruct the voice behind my creative blocks and the blocks in other areas of my life and counter them with tangible, valid de-programming. She was a pleasure to work with at all times and I highly recommend that anyone feeling stuck in art or in life take her Course."

~Aaron Kemparea, writer

"Maia's Course on Writer's Block helped me become aware of the various battling and blaming voices within me which argued over my productivity level. I could finally see how exhausting it has been subjecting myself to these contentious internal dialogues for all these years. Maia offered invaluable insights, tools and support to help me accept and be kinder to all parts of myself. As I become more skilled at speaking to myself in more generative and constructive ways, I am certain it will manifest in more creative productivity and even improve my relationships and communication with others. Thank you, Maia!"  

~Robin Streichler, M.A., Writer and Certified Coach

"I had been stuck in my career for years. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and even how best to get it done but somehow taking the practical steps eluded me. I just couldn't move forward and I was miserable. After meeting with Maia Akiva all that changed and more! She took me through a creative exercise that allowed me to uncover what was keeping me stuck. It wasn't what I expected. From that point on I was able to make a shift that affected not only my career but every area of my life including my health. I suffered from high-blood pressure and was on medication. Not any more. I was depressed. Not any more. Working with Maia unleashed a truth that I was able to accept, adjust for and have since been more joyful than I can ever remember being. I wish this kind of peace, optimism, health and forward movement for everyone and as such I can't recommend Maia highly enough!" ~Sarah P., Sales

"Maia has this way of getting to the heart of what really causes creative blocks. I had the privilege of taking her “Make Peace with Your Writer’s Block” Course, and it was incredibly powerful and inspiring to witness her working one-on-one with each person and helping them dig deep into that place of pain that keeps them from the page. In just a few hours, I learned so much about myself, how I really feel, what I need to work on, and how to deal with and channel my feelings so that I can get back to actually doing what I love doing most-- writing. Taking a Course with Maia is a truly life-changing opportunity that you need to experience for yourself. Thanks so much, Maia!" 

~Jacqui Fauni, Program Coordinator at The Writers Junction and writer

"Maia leads an illuminating and often surprising Course that unmasks the culprits blocking the writing process. Her disarming demeanor helps dismantle the walls obstructing creativity and provides the necessary tools for identifying the distractions and resistance standing in the way of artistic work. She empowers with awareness and creates a safe and supportive environment where everyone learns from themselves and each other. Would highly recommend any writer taking Maia’s Course because a better understanding of oneself will foster the crafting of more authentic characters on the page." 

~Brian Gary, writer

“Maia takes the mystery out of writer's block. She lets you see that it's not such a big, terrible deal and gives you the tools to open the channels back up. She teaches us writers how to stop torturing ourselves -- what could be better than that?”  

~Jane Anderson, writer (Mad Men, HBO If These Walls Could Talk 2, Olive Kitteridge, The Wife).

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Make Friends with Your Writer's Block: Heart Opening Online Course with Maia Akiva
Make Friends with Your Writer's Block: Heart Opening Online Course with Maia Akiva

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